Women’s Group

Would you like to have some ongoing coaching/spiritual support and an opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded women on a regular basis? Then this group is for you! Over the years I have offered many different women’s circles, retreats, and workshops and a common sentiment is how much the participants love coming together for these events and wish that they could do it all the time!  That is what prompted the creation of the Crossroads Coaching Women’s Wisdom Group! See below for details on how to participate: 



  • Full Membership Private Facebook Group – A place where members can share, connect, and uplift each other throughout the course of the month.
  • Monthly Small Group Wisdom Circle – Members will meet with the same small group (4-8 people) each month to set intentions, share their challenges, receive intuitive guidance and coaching support, and to support and uplift each other in walking a spiritual/heart-centered path
  • Invitation to members only in-person events offered when Nancy is in the area

Love Exchange: $25/month


Once a month on a group agreed upon date/time.  We will discuss scheduling needs and find a time that works for everyone!


We will meet on a group conference call line each month (number will be provided). When possible, in-person meetings will be arranged when all members are in the same area and I am in town.


Use the PayPal link below to begin your membership. This is a recurring payment that can be charged to a credit card, withdrawn from a checking account or paid from a PayPal account. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but while you are in the group, the payment will be billed automatically each month.

Crossroads Coaching Women’s Group Membership Fee – $25/month

I look forward to connecting with you!