Crossroads Coaching Spiritual Support  Network

Providing Affordable, Ongoing Spiritual Support

I have found that consistent, ongoing spiritual support through life coaching, energy work and connecting with others on a spiritual path can make all the difference between hopelessness and empowerment. Unfortunately, lack of resources often stands in the way of receiving this support. Part of my work has been to not only teach about spiritual laws, but also to live by them. On this journey, I have been shown again and again that we are co-creating our experiences with the Creator and when you line up with your heart, resources come in to support you. I am being called to once again take a leap of faith, and trust this spiritual law, so that I can provide and receive this much-needed support. I invite you to take a leap of faith with me by joining the network with the intention of creating a new system where all thrive with abundance in all areas of our lives.

Network Benefits

  • Coaching Intake Form to clarify your goals, needs and gifts to share
  • 50% off on all Crossroads Coaching services, workshops and classes
  • Networking with other members to provide meaningful connections and support for each other
  • Customized coaching workshops, classes, and events to meet the needs of Network members
  • Special offers from Network members (optional)

Love Offering

$25 – $150/month

My leap of faith is that I will still have what I need to meet my own financial needs, even while cutting my hourly rate in half for those in the Network. I appreciate your support through a love offering at the level you are able to contribute. Full Network benefits are available at any of the love offering levels.


Where are coaching services and workshops held?

I will continue to offer coaching services by phone. During this trial period, I will be in Northeast Ohio, so in person groups and workshops will also be available for those in the area.

What is a Coaching Intake Form?

The Coaching Intake Form is a way for me to get some insight into where you are in your spiritual empowerment journey, what your goals are for the month and how you would like to share/connect with others in the Network. This information will help you manifest your goals more easily by having clear intentions, provide me with information about what types of workshops and classes to offer that would meet your needs, and also let me know ways in which you can offer and receive support. You will be sent a link to complete a form on Google Docs.

How does the Networking piece work?

This is something that is already an aspect of my coaching work. Often, someone expresses an interest or need and I am able to connect them with other clients who are able to provide that need. For example, I have a client who has horses. She expressed a need for someone to share her love of animals while also getting some help on her farm. Another client who has been working on reducing stress expressed a desire to work with horses and get more physical exercise. I bring the two together and they are both able to get the support they need. Also, by making the coaching experiences more affordable, my hope is that participants will be able to connect with each other more frequently through attending events or doing group sessions, thus creating a sense of community.

How do the Special Offers work?

Network participants are welcome to share special offers they would like to make to Network members once a month. The purpose is to provide a way for Network members to share their gifts with others and offer members a special rate to make it more affordable. For example, a member who is a pet sitter might choose to offer 10% off her services in February or a massage therapist might offer 3 one hour sessions for $10 off in the month of March. Someone may also choose to offer a certain number of sessions, a workshop, or product for free for a month. Special offers are optional and the amount and frequency would be up to the Network member.

What type of coaching services will be offered at 50% off?

Below are some of the types of services with typical pricing (though this may vary) that will be available.

  • Individual sessions – normally $100/hour, Network Members $50/hour
  • Small Group Weekly Sessions – normally $100/month, Network Members $50/month
  • Small Group Monthly Session – normally $30/month, Network Members $15/month
  • Workshops – normally $75 – $100, Network Members $35 – $50
  • Metaphysical Nature Hikes – normally $50 – $75, Network Members $25 – $50
  • Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions (typically 2 hours) – normally $120, Network Members $60

Join the Crossroad Coaching Spiritual Support Network

Thank you for being willing to take a leap of faith with me and test out this concept! Below are the steps to get registered:

1. Choose the level of love offering contribution you would like to make  using the links below. You will be directed to PayPal where you can make a payment from a PayPal account, checking account or credit card. If you would prefer to contribute by check, arrangements can be made for you to do that as well.

Love Offering for One Month Membership







2. Coaching Intake Form – You will be sent an invitation to complete a form which will provide information to help you reach your goals and share your gifts with others.


Please get in touch! I am happy to answer any questions about the Network. Use the contact form below and I will be in touch!