New Moon Empowerment Circle Recorded Readings

The word love in English with the O replaced by a yellow flower.

What are New Moon Empowerment Circles?

New Moon Empowerment Circles are a way to get quick, focused guidance and energy balancing to empower you to work with the energies available for the month ahead.   Essentially, these are mini-empowerment readings offered at a fraction of the cost of a full session.

How do Empowerment Circles work?

I set a clear intention asking for guidance  for those participating and invoking Divine support for each participant.  I use a variety of tools and my intuitive abilities to provide spiritual insight into the situation you are inquiring about.  Often, I see metaphors using nature-plant, tree, animal, or scene.  I apply insight from the metaphor to the focus topic to help you see the situation from the viewpoint of your higher self.  Through using the metaphor, you will gain insight into the full situation from a spiritual point of view, as well as guidance on how to move into a situation more in alignment with your intention.  During the Empowerment Circle, spiritual and earth energy balancing techniques are incorporated to support the shift to abundance you are seeking.

What to expect during your Empowerment Circle experience…

  • Guided Meditation, Opening Prayer and Breathing Exercise to begin
  • Specific Intuitive Message for each person about their focus topic done anonymously to protect privacy (you will be given the number of your reading)
  • Energetic balancing and healing
  • Closing Intention Setting to manifest the change you seek

 What you need to do to participate…

  1. Purchase a spot in the Empowerment Circle by using the PayPal link below (You will receive an email from me acknowledging your purchase).
  2. Download and listen to the recorded Circle after I send you the link

How to make the most of this approach…

Allow yourself to “soak in” the Earth and spiritual energy provided during each of the readings.  Listen for what speaks to you from all of the messages, not just your own.  When you receive the metaphor for your situation, put yourself into it.  Feel all aspects of what came through and see how they can apply to your situation.  Consider any associations you may have with the image that came through.  Ask for Divine insight to help you understand it more thoroughly.  Continue to work with it for the week following the reading for optimal success in manifesting.

What is the love exchange (trying to switch to love-based language about money – translation is “cost”)?

$30/person or $25/person for Community Members

New Moon Dates for 2016

*Participants need to register by the day before to be included in the recording for that month. 











To Purchase a Place in the Next New Moon Empowerment Circle:

Please use the links below to register for the next New Moon Empowerment Circle.  You will be directed to PayPal where you can use a PayPal account, your checking account or credit card.


Community Members:  $25/person

*Not a Member?  You can learn more and sign up here:  Membership

Empowerment Circle Gift Certificates now available!  To Purchase Empowerment Circle Gift Certificates use the links above and include a message that this is a gift certificate.

Listen to an intuitive message from a prior Empowerment Circle…

Fan Mail for the Empowerment Circles

“The last Empowerment Circle reading you did for me was awesome!!  I Also benefited from reading number 1 on that recording.  Thanks!!!!”  L.D.
“I just finished listening to the Circle.. WOW…. I was in tears and my heart was soaring at the same time.  I have always wanted to know if I did have a spirit guide or my Angel near me. I know now that I do have an Angel and what comfort it bring me. Still trying to figure out the  meaning of me having all the tools.. I know it will all come with PRAYER and me starting to be quite enough to listen.” M.D.

“I liked the Empowerment Circle a lot!  I always learn so much from you.  I love listening to you talk because your voice is so relaxing.” P.L.

“This was awesome.  The reading gave me amazing hope!”  J.P.

“I just finished listening to the Empowerment Circle!  Wow!  Thank you so much for that.” J.C.

“Loved listening to your recording — and am still astounded at the insight and validity of your message for me.”  W.J.

“It was fascinating to listen to the recording.  You were right on with mine!  I also rather identified with another person’s reading as well.”  L.D.

“I listened to the recording and loved it!  I like the fact that there is one specific area of focus.  You were right on the mark with me.”  B.P.

“Wow, I LOVED the empowerment circle, the whole thing was beautiful and I really feel that the intention you set that we all gain from each others guidance was powerful and divine ~  I did feel connected to each person’s metaphor and could take something away from them to apply in my own experience.” S.L.

“Totally awesome.  It is just as valuable to me as a live call.” B.R.

“Once again, perfect guidance!  I just love the way you do this.” S.L.

“The Empowerment Circle reading was great.  I also got bits of insight from the other readings given, but mine was absolutely correct.”  L.D.

Questions?  Send me an email:

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