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The Habit of Gratitude

img_2957One of the challenges to living in a state of joy is keeping the mind at peace.  Our minds have been trained to look for things to worry about.  We are used to working on “problems” or trying to avoid things that can cause us pain.  While there is a time and place for that to occur, often we are worrying rather than solving problems.  Yet, trying to redirect the mind when it thinks it has found something to be concerned about can be really tough!  Recently, I started a new technique that I’ve been finding really effective, so I thought I would pass it on to all of you.  I’m calling it the “habit of gratitude.”

Basically, what I started doing was when I noticed myself getting uptight or worried, I started looking around for things to be thankful for.  I would start mentally saying thank you for everything that caught my attention. For example, this morning when I was walking, I started mentally saying the following, “Thank you for the beautiful blue sky.  Thank you for these warm clothes. Thank you for my comfortable shoes. Thank you for the warm sun on my back. Thank you for the beautiful green bushes. Thank you for the refreshing breeze. Thank you for my strong muscles that let me walk easily. Thank you for my health. Thank you for the palm trees.  Thank you for my loved ones. Thank you for this opportunity to be walking. Thank you for my Angels.”  After just a few minutes of this, I was feeling lighter and happier. My whole energy system had shifted and I was smiling!

I have heard it said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  I have just started this practice, so it hasn’t become a habit for me yet, but I hope that I can stick to it and make it one.  Want to join me?  This month, let’s get into the habit of looking for all the wonderful things to be grateful for.  When you aren’t sure what to think about or if you start feeling worried, shift your focus and start saying thank you.


Morning Musings – Guidance for the Day

Good Morning! I asked for some guidance for today and thought I’d share what came through.  I hope you find it helpful. 

live oak rootsVision

I see myself sitting by a tree near a river.  As I watch, I can feel myself trying to push back into the tree.  I push and push and suddenly I am inside!  I find myself looking out at the river and the woods as easily as I did outside of the tree.  The difference is I feel very relaxed and safe. 


This morning in my meditation I had an idea.  What would it be like to be worry-free?  I have always been someone who worries.  There are times when I worry less than others, but there has always been some worry lurking in me somewhere.  When I asked about if this was possible, I heard to smile more, drink more water, and turn all my worries over to the Divine as soon as they come up.  If there is some action I need to take, my Spiritual Support Team (Angels, Spirit Guides) will motivate me to do it! This image makes me think of that.  For me, trees are perfect sanctuaries and that is what the Divine is for us too.  We can smile, relax, and be in the moment we are in and when worries come up, remember to ask our Angels and the Divine to take it off our hands.


Today, I choose to be worry-free!  I am relaxed, peaceful, and grateful for the Divine love and support that surrounds me in every moment.  I pray it is so, and so it is!

Wishing you a peaceful, worry-free day!