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Shamanic Reiki Energy Sessions


IMG_1566One of the important tools I’ve used throughout my spiritual journey is energy healing.  When I went through my spiritual awakening, I had virtually no energy boundaries and was suffering with anxiety all the time.  I met a woman at an herb store who offered a type of energy treatment called Polarity Therapy.  I started working with her and it was life changing!  She helped me to get back into my body and to get grounded.  Those of us who are sensitive have a tendency to pull our spirits up out of our bodies when we feel threatened.  This sounds like it might help since you aren’t in the body to feel what is happening to it, but the problem is it is like being up in the top of a tree during a windstorm!  You end up desperately clinging to the branches, trying not to be thrown out of the tree.  Anyone who has spent any time in the woods during a storm knows that you are safest on the ground, close to the Earth when the wind starts blowing. This is true for us as well.  Being grounded and connected to our body is the way to be at peace.

One of the modalities I learned over the years was a Japanese system called Reiki.  It involves allowing healing energy to flow through the practitioner’s hands into the body of the person who is receiving the healing.  I went through the full level of training with Reiki and am a Reiki Master. As part of my own healing, I have also learned many other techniques from different energy healing modalities, as well as techniques used in the shamanic traditions to restore balance and healing to the energy system which benefits the whole person.

The sessions I offer are typically 60- 90 minutes and involves a mixture of energy balancing and intuitive insight and guidance.  I have some time available for these types of sessions this month in Hinckley, Ohio. The rate is normally $100/per 60-90 minute session, but this month you can participate for $85.  The following session times are available this month:

Tuesdays  3/14 and 3/21 – Evening time slot

Thursdays 3/16 or 3/23 – Evening time slot

Fridays 3/17 or 3/24 – afternoon time slot

Email or call to schedule! or 330-416-6184

Sending love and hugs your way!



Morning Musing – Guidance for Your Day (whatever day you come upon it!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be helpful to get a little guidance for the day ahead. I hope you find it helpful! Love to you all! Nancy

The Vision…
I am looking at a red rose from the top of the flower. The petals make curved patterns of light and dark. I am drawn to the shaded parts of the petals. There the deep red becomes almost black. I feel myself melting into one such place. I’m hidden in its folds and feel a gentle feeling of peace.

The Reflection…
Roses are such interesting symbols. They have thorns while at the same time having such a lovely scent and beautiful petals. We are like that aren’t we? Lovely and prickly depending on our mood. When I imagine myself as the flower, I feel myself as the dark, still spaces and also as the bright light-filled quality as well. Sometimes, I am more drawn to one aspect or the other. Both, though, are always present.

The Intention…
Today, I will let myself rest in the hidden parts of myself, allowing their quietness to fill me with peace. Today, I will remember to love all of me, even the thorns.

I pray it is so, and so it is…


Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Perception

GYG Perception

I see beyond the surface to the beauty that rises above. I smile, remembering the beauty waiting to be born.

This is a picture of a wildflower called Bloodroot.  It is one of the early spring arrivals and it is always such a thrill to see it after the long winter.  I chose to share this today as a reminder that even when things seem to be dead and lifeless, new life is growing beneath the surface. When we hold on to this truth, we can smile and in smiling change our whole perception.    

How to Work with the Image

  • Take a moment to center yourself.  Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly three times.  Let your exhale be longer than your inhale.
  • Open your eyes and focus on the image.  Ask your Spiritual Support Team to help you come into harmonic resonance with the image and to receive the amount of energy from the essence of the place for your highest and best good.
  • Use your imagination to put yourself in the photo.  Use all your senses to interact with what is shown.  What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch as you connect?
  • Ask for Divine guidance on how you can incorporate the gifts from this essence into your own life and situation.  Allow yourself to feel the love and support flowing to you and through you from the Earth and the Divine.
  • Repeat the affirmation (see caption) as you breathe in and out slowly.
  • Be open to any additional thoughts, sounds, smells, or images that come to you as you are working with the photo.  Consider these as messages to support you on your path.  Ask what these impressions mean to you.  What do they make you think or feel?
  • Continue to recall the image throughout the day when you wish to bring in the energy it provides.
  • Express your gratitude for the gifts given to you through the experience.
Wishing you a peace-filled day!

Good News? Bad News? Who Can Tell!

My dear Soul Friend and colleague, Lauren May, shared a 2000 year old story that comes from the Taoist tradition with me the other day to help me with a challenging situation I was facing.   I found it reprinted in an article by Evelyn Theiss in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, so I wanted to share it with all of you.  Here it is…

A Chinese farmer gets a horse, which soon runs away. A neighbor says, “That’s bad news.” The farmer replies, “Good news, bad news, who can say?”
The horse comes back and brings another horse with him. Good news, you might say.

The farmer gives the second horse to his son, who rides it, then is thrown and badly breaks his leg.

“So sorry for your bad news,” says the concerned neighbor. “Good news, bad news, who can say?” the farmer replies.

In a week or so, the emperor’s men come and take every able-bodied young man to fight in a war. The farmer’s son is spared.

Good news, of course.

I’m sure we can all relate to this story.  There are times when things happen in our lives that seem to be disastrous, only to be shown to have a silver lining later on.  When I think of this concept, it makes me remember to step back and withhold my judgment about what is happening.  Do I remember to do this right away?  Not usually (which is where Lauren comes in!).  But when I finally do, I am able to feel more calm and able to respond in the highest and best way.

An exercise I share in my book, Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit:  A Step-by-Step Handbook for Surviving and Thriving through Tough Life Changes I share the following exercise in Step Seven:  Be Grateful:

“Take a moment to look back over your own life.  Do you have your own story of something that seemed horrible at the time, but turned out to be a blessing?  If you do, record it below.  Remembering it will help you to believe that no matter how it looks right now, something good will be born from today’s struggles.”

I wrote this book as part of my healing process after going through a divorce in 2000.  It took me a lot of years to finally get it in print, but I’m glad I finally did because it helps me to be able to look back as needed!  The steps that I went through to move from a place of despair to a place of hope are applicable in all stages of life.  So if you are facing a challenge today, perhaps looking back at the places where what sounded like bad news turned out to be good news will help.

Love and blessings to you all!


PS.  Lauren May is my go-to person when I need to get really clear on what I want to manifest and understand how to get there.  You can learn more about her work on my community website here:  Lauren May

PSS.  If you are interested in learning more about my Soul Friends book, it is available here on  Soul Friends Guide

Morning Musing for Today!

I have been asking for intuitive insight for the day ahead through my morning musings. Here was today’s message (though I believe that whenever you read it, is when you need it!). I find it is most helpful to imagine yourself as the animal in the image. Let yourself feel things from its perspective and then keep this feeling in mind throughout your day. 

I see an alligator on a bank.  I can feel the warmth of the sun on its back.  It is very relaxed, yet aware.  There is a feeling of power underneath the deep calm.  Action can be taken instantly.

Today, I will soak up Divine light and be grounded, so that I am relaxed and filled with energy.  I will be completely at peace, feeling supported by the Earth and by myself.  I will rest and feel confident in my own power.

I pray it is so, and so it is… 

Morning Musings-7/31/2012

About Morning Musings…I have been feeling guided to do some morning writing.  This is more of a journal-style sharing.  I hope you find it brings you some insight into your own inner workings…

I see a river flowing into the ocean.  The water is rough and tumbling as it merges with the salty sea.  There is no going back for the river.  It has reached the place where the only choice is to come together with the source of its existence. What has been separate for so long finally finds its way home.

Shouldn’t this be cause for celebration?  Why is the river struggling with its own true nature?

Why do we?

The image I saw for myself this morning was of a huge red sun slipping into a vast lake.  I felt the sun energy warm the water, giving it life giving energy.  I felt the water soften the sun. Both flowed together instead of working apart.  It felt like peace.

I asked for help understanding what this meant in my daily life.   How can fire and water merge in my world?  I heard, “Allow your feeling and spiritual self to be the container that your “doing” self works through.  Let your passion and fire be expressed through your sensitive soul.”

Today, I promise myself that I will do that.  I will let my feeling self choose where the focus and warmth of me needs to be.  I will let myself be whole.  I will let myself be me.

I pray it is so, and so it is…