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The Habit of Gratitude

img_2957One of the challenges to living in a state of joy is keeping the mind at peace.  Our minds have been trained to look for things to worry about.  We are used to working on “problems” or trying to avoid things that can cause us pain.  While there is a time and place for that to occur, often we are worrying rather than solving problems.  Yet, trying to redirect the mind when it thinks it has found something to be concerned about can be really tough!  Recently, I started a new technique that I’ve been finding really effective, so I thought I would pass it on to all of you.  I’m calling it the “habit of gratitude.”

Basically, what I started doing was when I noticed myself getting uptight or worried, I started looking around for things to be thankful for.  I would start mentally saying thank you for everything that caught my attention. For example, this morning when I was walking, I started mentally saying the following, “Thank you for the beautiful blue sky.  Thank you for these warm clothes. Thank you for my comfortable shoes. Thank you for the warm sun on my back. Thank you for the beautiful green bushes. Thank you for the refreshing breeze. Thank you for my strong muscles that let me walk easily. Thank you for my health. Thank you for the palm trees.  Thank you for my loved ones. Thank you for this opportunity to be walking. Thank you for my Angels.”  After just a few minutes of this, I was feeling lighter and happier. My whole energy system had shifted and I was smiling!

I have heard it said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  I have just started this practice, so it hasn’t become a habit for me yet, but I hope that I can stick to it and make it one.  Want to join me?  This month, let’s get into the habit of looking for all the wonderful things to be grateful for.  When you aren’t sure what to think about or if you start feeling worried, shift your focus and start saying thank you.

September New Moon Recorded Reading 

Somehow I missed the last new moon!  I am currently in Montana taking day trips into Yellowstone National Park.  Quite an amazing place.  We even were blessed to see the Canyon Wolf Pack!  For this month’s new moon reading, I’ll be connecting with Mother Earth and our Spiritual Support Teams of Angels and Spirit Guides to see what is coming through to support you in manifesting your New Moon wishes for the month ahead.  Readings are done anonymously (you’ll be told what number you are) and there will be group messages and energy balancing for the group as a whole. The readings are pre-recorded and you will receive a link to download the reading on your computer.  To register, sign up at the New Moon Readings page here:  Register by Thursday 9/29

Here is a photo of some bison we drove past in Yellowstone! 

Thank You Jeff!


I wanted to share about a joyful encounter from my world back in Ohio. I recently went through a divorce from a man I was privileged to spend the last twelve years with. He was and is a soul friend who helped me grow and learn to love myself, through our years together. Though our life paths took turns in different directions, I am grateful for the time we had together and our friendship now. Jeff has a gift for finding laughter and love in the darkest places. He made one of life’s most difficult challenges tolerable through his kindness. As a result, we were able to stay in a state of unconditional love and respect for each other through the end of our marriage. Even though this experience has tossed us both out of the nest, perhaps before we were sure of our wings, he has continued to look for ways to support and love the people around him, including me. He spreads joy through his stories and art, through his sense of humor when looking at the ironies of life, and through his deep kindness. Thank you Jeff for showing me and others how to let love lead! Check out his website too where you will find information about his educational art programs. They offer a great way to find joy in the little things in life! His website is:

December New Moon Recorded Reading

Howling Wolf on Mountain PeakThe New Moon is a great time to set your intentions to manifest your goals for the month ahead!  Each month, I offer a recorded reading to provide guidance and insight.  The readings include a personalized message (done anonymously) along with energy balancing and insights for the group as a whole.  To register for this last New Moon reading for 2015, sign up by 12/10.  The reading is $25/member or $30/non-members.  To learn more and register:  New Moon Readings

Here is a forecast for the New Moon from the Power Path Blog:

“December 11: New Moon is Friday, December 11 at 3:30AM Mountain Time (MT). This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to reset, to pray, to set intentions and to be involved in community in a way that is meaningful. It is important to look ahead instead of looking back. This new moon also supports a creative container for personal expression. There is a desire to be heard, not in an ego way but in an authentic yearning to be your unique contribution in this life.

If you allow it, your personal medicine has the potential to be seen by others and nurtured by spirit. Set an intention and say some prayers today for that to manifest.”

I asked for a message for the New Moon this month and two cards fell out of the Grace cards by Cheryl Richardson.  They are:

Watch – “Watch for a miracle.  Coincidences are Divinely inspired moments designed to remind us that a Higher Power is guiding our lives.”

Gratitude – “Be thankful.  A grateful heart is like a magnet drawing toward it a wealth of abundance.”  

Sending love and Happy New Moon wishes for you!


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Loving Relationships

pumpkin pieThanksgiving is here in the United States and Christmas is right around the corner.  While this can be a joyous time of year, it can also be challenging.  This year, we also have a full moon in Gemini on the day before Thanksgiving which can amp up the emotions.  That is why I thought it might be helpful to share a new technique for getting yourself in a state of love before heading into family gatherings.

The process below can help you reconnect with a loved one.  You can do this on your own or if the other person is interested, you can go through the process together.  Here are the steps:

Steps to Strengthen the Bond

Physical Focus:  What are your top five favorite memories of physical activities or experiences you have had with this person?  You might remember a favorite trip, nature walks, or any other joyous interacting you have experienced.

Emotional Focus:  What are your top five favorite memories of emotional bonding with the person?  Gary Chapman identifies five different love languages – Touch, Words of Appreciation, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, and Quality Time.  Consider these different categories to find your favorite top five.

Spiritual Focus:  What are your top five favorite spiritual experiences with this person?  Remember, this doesn’t have to be religious (though it can be).  Any experience where you felt inspired and uplifted fits here.

Gratitude:  What are five reasons you are grateful for this person in your life?  You can add more to this list if you are struggling to feel close.  The more you can come up with and really let yourself feel, the easier it will be to feel close again.

This process works best if you let yourself fully remember the experience rather than just make a list.  You could even use this process with prior holidays focusing on the family gatherings as a whole!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

With much love and gratitude,


If you are interested in an empowerment reading to support you with this process, visit my website to learn more:



New Moon in Aries “Most Potent” of the Year!

This New Moon is in the sign of Aries and as Jan Spiller (renowned author and astrologist says), “April’s New Moon is an ESPECIALLY potent New Moon because it is in the sign of Aries.  This is the most potent New Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings!” 

If you would like some intuitive input to help you make the most of this opportunity to manifest exciting new beginnings I will be doing a New Moon Empowerment Circle Recorded reading.  The last day to register is Friday 4/17.  This is a collective reading with personalized messages for each of the participants (done anonymously).  You can sign up and learn more by going to this link:  New Moon Readings

Have a beautiful day!


Come and experience Animal Communication and Healing Sessions with Debbie Jones of Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition & Wellness

I had a great session with Debbie (one of my Sanctuary colleagues) about my dog Zippy! I thought I’d pass this on for those of you who are pet owners. Hugs! Nancy

Blessed Foundation End of the Season Events

Hi! The last day to register for these two events is this WEDNESDAY 9/3. Hope to see you! Nancy

Free Experience Sanctuary Discount Pass!

Just wanted to share a free and easy way to get $5 off your next session with me, as well as discounts with my favorite holistic providers in Northeast Ohio. Sanctuary at the Crossroads is a holistic network I created to share the holistic providers and centers I use personally. They are a great group of people and will be offering some really wonderful events this year! You can learn more below about how to receive your free Experience Sanctuary Discount Pass. Love to you all! Nancy

New December Special Offer and Weekly Update!

weekly bulletin header


tree in snow

A Note from Nancy

Welcome to December!

When I did the reading at the beginning of the year, the Crystal Ally Card that fell out for this month was Citrine – Manifestation.  What a great card for the end of the year!  If you are looking for some guidance on what you would like to manifest for 2014, I am offering a special discount of $10 off for a 30 minute or 60 minute 2014 Manifest Your Dreams Empowerment Reading.  You can purchase this for yourself or as a gift certificate for a loved one.  Details are below.  Also, I ended up changing this month’s empowerment circle topic.  I’m really loving the Tarot of Transformation cards by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori, so I’ll be using these cards to help you manifest transformation in some area of your life, as transformation seems to be a big theme right now.  Full details are also below.  Finally, I found a great article explaining about the North Node and South Node concept written by Elizabeth Spring MA (a counseling astrologer):  Explanation of North Node  I’ll be working with this concept a lot next year, both in the Raising Your Vibration 2014 program and also in other sessions offered.  I’m finding it to be a really helpful tool to understanding one’s soul purpose, so I wanted to share with all of you! 

Wishing you all an amazing first week of December!


Weekly Guidance


Guidance for the week ahead:  The Nature-Speak Oracle (Ted Andrews): Rain – Time to Replenish:  “Allow yourself to be replenished.  All the Earth to bring new growth and opportunities to you.  Enjoy the freshness of life that comes following the rains.”  Ice and Frost – Static Conditions:  “Be patient. There is no movement now because other events and things need to unfold for your benefit.  Acting now will cause you to lose opportunities.  The ice will eventually melt, so be patient.” 

This Week

12/2 – 12/8/2013: For those who are local, the Blessed Foundation is closed for walkers.

12/8/2013:  Nancy’s Soul Friends Community Empowerment Call – (7-8 PM EST)

Inspirational Posts

Morning Musing- Guidance for Your Day (Whatever Day You Come Upon It!) (Nancy Nicholas)

Opportunities to Connect

December Soul Friends Empowerment Call – Manifest a Healthy Energy System (11/10 at 7PM EST):  This time of year, it is easy to get overloaded energetically.  For the first part of our Empowerment Call, I will be sharing a technique through a guided meditation to help you clear your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy bodies of any lower vibrating energies, as well as to clear and replenish your chakra system.  We will then connect to your Spiritual Support Team, the Earth and the Divine to replenish your system with unconditional love.  On the second half of the call, Angel Oracle Card readings will be offered for those who are on the call live (as many as time allows).  Nancy’s Soul Friends Membership participants are free.  Non-members can register here:  Empowerment Calls

December Empowerment Circle – Manifest Transformation:  Registration deadline is Wednesday 12/18/2013: Description December’s Focus is Manifestation.  For this month’s empowerment circle, the focus will be to manifest transformation in some area of your life.  I’ll be using the Tarot of Transformation cards (Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori) along with sharing whatever I pick up intuitively for you during this reading.  These cards combine spiritual and psychotherapeutic traditions and are really a powerful tool!  The recording will be done anonymously (you’ll be told the number of your reading) and all messages will have gifts for all listening.  An intention setting meditation will be done at the end of the session and an Angel oracle card will be shared for the group. Cost is $12/Soul Friend Community Members; $15/Non-Members.  You can learn more and register at this link:  Empowerment Circles 

2014 Manifest Your Dreams Empowerment Readings –  Special rate of $10 off for a 30 or 60 minute reading good through 12/24/2013.  This can be purchased for yourself or as a gift certificate for a loved one.  The most important step in bringing your dreams to fruition is setting a clear intention for what you wish to manifest.  For this empowerment reading, we will begin by asking for intuitive guidance in the form of a metaphor/vision to help you get clear on what you wish to create.  Then we will work together to set a clear intention for 2014 and invoke Divine support to bring it into being.  I will also share any energetic or coaching tools that seem relevant to empower you to manifest your intention.  I’ll finish with a two card reading from The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori which offers a multidimensional approach incorporating the work of Psychotherapist Carl Jung along with other modalities.   30 Minute Readings or Gift Certificates:  $35/30 minutes or $65/60 Minutes (Members) and $50/30 minutes or $80/60 Minutes for non-members.  To purchase, email me and I’ll send you a PayPal link (

2014 Raise Your Vibration – Becoming Divinely You Program:  Registration for the Winter Season ends 12/15/2013.  Join me and my special guests on a spiritual adventure to discover our authentic nature!  We will be raising our vibration and deepening our connection with the Divine through a seasonal journey around the Angel Medicine Wheel.  Each season, you will work with me to learn how to connect more deeply to your authentic nature and Spiritual Support Team through individual and small group practice.  We will also work with deepening this connection through two metaphysical nature hikes in the spring and summer. You will also experience a call each season with special guest Author and Metaphysical Ecologist Jaap Van Etten Ph.D to help you raise your vibration in connection with the four seasons, energy bodies, and Archangels.  To provide a physical representation of your experience, you will learn how to create an Angel Mandala Wheel with special guest, Laurie Price.  The Winter Season focus is working with Archangel Gabriel to love our thoughts about ourselves, our relationships and our work.  A three-month commitment is required as the cost has been split up over the three months.  You can learn more and register here:  Raise Your Vibration Program

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