Love is Always the Answer


By Nancy Nicholas

Yesterday, I had one of those days where I kept getting pulled into negative thinking.  When I go there, I feel sad, worried, or exhausted and my body hurts.  Overall, not a pleasant experience.  As I wasn’t enjoying it, I spent a lot of time working with Ryan trying to discover what it was that I could do to help myself stay out of negativity and keep in a more joyful point of view.  I kept getting the message that I needed to stay connected to the magical child archetype in me. That is the part that is the wise innocent that knows this is a magical universe where anything is possible.  It is the part of me that feels the love of my Angels and knows that I am always protected, guided and cared for.  It is a great place to be and the best place if I want to stay in joy.  The trouble was I couldn’t seem to get there!

Click here to read more and find an exercise to help you move into joy.

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About Nancy Nicholas-Intuitive Life Coach

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach. Her clients are often struggling with feelings of powerlessness because of a health situation, relationship, their sensitivity, or their career. She provides spiritual insight with practical coaching to empower them to create positive change and greater well-being. Check out her blog website for information on empowerment readings, spiritual mentoring, workshops and more!

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