Follow Up on the Expo

Here I am at my table for the event.

Here I am at my table for the event.

Just wanted to share for my fellow introverts that coming out from under the bed really worked!   I had an AMAZING time last weekend and met so many wonderful people.  I really felt so loved, supported and appreciated for who I am and what I do.  So THANK YOU to all of you who helped encourage me or who stopped by to say hello. I am also grateful to my helpers and all the other vendors – especially my lovely neighbor Luanne Harris who gave me free gifts, friendship, and tips all weekend.  I also bought the most beautiful items from her too!

I learned a lot from the whole experience and will be sharing some insights with you soon!

Sending lots of love!


About Nancy Nicholas-Intuitive Life Coach

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach. Her clients are often struggling with feelings of powerlessness because of a health situation, relationship, their sensitivity, or their career. She provides spiritual insight with practical coaching to empower them to create positive change and greater well-being. Check out her blog website for information on empowerment readings, spiritual mentoring, workshops and more!

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  1. Table looks awesome Nancy!

    Talk to you soon!

    Ed >

  2. So love that you shared this, Nancy, and that you had such a great time. Nice table. Hugs! – Anne

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