New! Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle – 5/22

Jaap Van Etten, Dee Curci and Laurie Price at the kidney meridian at the Blessed Foundation.

Jaap Van Etten, Dee Curci and Laurie Price at the kidney meridian at the Blessed Foundation.

For Summer 2014, we will be taking the empowerment circles out to Mother Earth!  Each month, those who sign up will meet out at the beautiful Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio for an in-person gathering. During this experience, you will be invited to connect with the Earth energies (we will be sitting in a circle on one chakra vortex or meridian vortex for each meeting) to restore balance to your system and experience intuitive insights and guidance.  As we connect with Mother Earth with love, we will be raising our vibration and lifting the vibration of the planet!  Different tools and techniques as well as intuitive guidance will be shared as part of the experience.  If the weather is inclement, we will move inside to the retreat house and connect to the Earth energies from there.  Meeting Time:  6 – 7 PM.  Location:  The Blessed Foundation (Medina, OH).  Cost:  $15 per Circle

Sign up for Thursday 5/22 Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle:  For this circle, we will focus on connecting with the kidney meridian to release fear and experience courage to create what we would love to experience in our lives. Register by  5/21/2014.  Pre-registration is required.  Visit this link to register: Empowerment Circle Readings

Save the Dates!  

The Earth Wisdom Circles will meet on the following Thursdays:  5/22, 6/12, 7/24, 8/14 – From 6 – 7 PM

Participants are welcome to come to any or all!

Have a wonderful day! 



About Nancy Nicholas-Intuitive Life Coach

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach. Her clients are often struggling with feelings of powerlessness because of a health situation, relationship, their sensitivity, or their career. She provides spiritual insight with practical coaching to empower them to create positive change and greater well-being. Check out her blog website for information on empowerment readings, spiritual mentoring, workshops and more!

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