Morning Musings: Guidance for the Day!


This is the Morning Musing entry for today. The Morning Musing entries came about because I wanted to ask for Divine Guidance for my day. I use the vision/metaphor and the intentions I set based on what comes through to keep me focused on what I want to experience. I thought you might find it helpful too, so here is today’s message (and “today” is whatever day you come upon this!)!


I see myself walking along a creek.  The water is shallow and there are many small rocks.  I see a snake curled around an overhanging branch.  It drops off the branch onto my shoulders.  It slides down my back and into the water where it becomes a man who is one of my Spirit Guides.  The Guide points to a rock nearby.  We walk to it and climb up on it.  I feel a sense of peace wash over me as I listen to the running water of the creek and the quiet sounds of the forest.



Normally, having a snake drop on my shoulders would make me feel fear.  Curiously, in this vision, I felt no fear.  As it slid down my spine, it was as if it was clearing the fear from my chakra column.  Sitting on the rock with my guide, I felt the peace that comes in nature.  Life goes on there with a rhythm all its own.  Sitting and watching it felt very soothing.


Today, I will stay close to my Spirit Guide and rest on the strength of the Earth.  I will remember that there is order in all things.  I will remember today, I don’t need to fix anything.  I can let it all go on without my influence, knowing that it is all happening perfectly.

 I pray it is so, and so it is…

About Nancy Nicholas-Intuitive Life Coach

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach. Her clients are often struggling with feelings of powerlessness because of a health situation, relationship, their sensitivity, or their career. She provides spiritual insight with practical coaching to empower them to create positive change and greater well-being. Check out her blog website for information on empowerment readings, clubs, programs, and more!

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  1. Thank you. Love these. J

    Anne Wondra

    Soul and wellness coach | 262-544-4310

    I don’t want to miss my life. – Sylvia

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