An Intuitive Message for the day!

I asked for an image to help you make the most of your day.  Here’s what came through:

The image I’m seeing is of an orange still on the tree.  It looks very plump and round.  There is still some green on the top where it attached to the branch.  I’m hearing that the orange represents the sweet goodness and warm sunshine of life.  It’s almost ready to be picked!  I’m hearing that you are free to start imagining just how awesome it is going to taste when it finishes ripening! 

Have a sunshine-filled day!


PS Did you see my husband’s Valentine’s comic panel?  You can check it out on the Soul Friends’ website:  Valentine’s Humor



About Nancy Nicholas-Intuitive Life Coach

Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach. Her clients are often struggling with feelings of powerlessness because of a health situation, relationship, their sensitivity, or their career. She provides spiritual insight with practical coaching to empower them to create positive change and greater well-being. Check out her blog website for information on empowerment readings, spiritual mentoring, workshops and more!

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