Dragons 101 with Dr. Jaap Van Etten 6/13/2015

Yes, I did say Dragons! :)  Read on if you are open to the idea that there are many subtle energy beings in the world and that some of them are beings we have only heard of through myths…

My dear friend and mentor, Metaphysical Ecologist and Author Dr. Jaap Van Etten, is coming to Ohio in June.  Jaap is an incredibly wise and grounded person who is also a very gifted intuitive and energy healer.  His background as a scientist (he has a PhD in Biology from the Netherlands where he is from) combined with his strong spiritual gifts and insights makes him a phenomenal spiritual teacher.  I am truly honored that he is coming to Ohio to do these workshops with us!

All of the workshops and sessions he is offering while he is here have been filled through my community members and word of mouth, but I have had three cancellations because of a scheduling conflict come up for his Dragons 101 workshop at the Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio on June 13th.  Jaap is going to share about this on his mailing list over the weekend as this is the only Dragon workshop he will offer in the USA this year.  I thought I’d send out a quick post just in case someone wants to grab the spots before he puts the word out to his list.

Here is a description of the program:

dragonSaturday, June 13, 2014 – 10-5:30 PM:  Dragons 101:  Dragons are more than beings from legends in which they often are portrayed in a negative way. They are Beings of Magic and Magic is consciousness in action. Dragons are an intricate part of the Earth. They are connected to crystalline energies and help us to master the four elemental forces; the forces we need when we create our reality.

For this full day workshop, we will explore amongst others:

  • dragons are crystalline beings
  • crystalline life force and what it means for our life force
  • exploring four types of dragons connected with the Earth
  • working with the elemental forces
  • discover what type of dragon energy guides you on a physical and on a soul level

The workshop also lays a foundation for more work with dragons. There are 28 species, with their role in the energy system of Gaia. The dragons told me: you can only continue to build if you have laid a strong foundation. This workshop forms the foundation the dragons have asked for.  $95/person; Space is limited to 15 participants.

To learn more about Jaap, here is a link to his website:  Jaap Van Etten

Email me if you would like one of the THREE remaining openings:  Nancy@EmpoweringLightworkers.com 

Sending you much love!


Clear Limiting Beliefs About Relationships

Love blossoms within me, spreading around me, shared with everyone I meet.

Have you found your relationships shifting lately?  As a species, we are all evolving and going through big transformations.  Since we are all doing this at some level or other, our connections with others are changing as well.  This can feel very uncomfortable, sad, or scary.  The good news is that while our outer relationships are shifting, we are also being given an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves.

A question came up in a class I am taking that really impacted me.  The question was “What are you proud of about yourself or your accomplishments?”  Try really being open to your feelings on that question. Are you proud of yourself?  What are you really proud of about yourself? What do you have to celebrate about who you are and what you have done?  Notice if you feel any discomfort around the idea of being proud of yourself.

In our society, we are often trained not to be proud.  It usually isn’t considered a compliment if someone is described as being proud. And yet, shouldn’t we be proud of who we are? Isn’t that an indication that we are choosing to be someone we love and admire?  To me, this isn’t about arrogance.  It is about giving ourselves the approval that we may not have gotten in our outer world.  It is about being truthful with ourselves, forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, and really seeing the bigger picture about who we are and why we are here.  It is about being your own best friend.  I find when I feel safe with me, I feel safe with the rest of the world.  Perhaps this is a good time to let ourselves love all of who we are – and to encourage and acknowledge our accomplishments along the way.

This week, the Intuitive Life Coaching Class focuses on the topic of Loving Relationships.  The purpose of these classes is to teach a process using Quantum Physics and Emotional Freedom Technique (along with some intuitive insight) to help us free ourselves from limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.  As we clear these beliefs, we can escape feelings of unworthiness which often lead to insecurity and misunderstandings with those we love.  Details are below if you’d like to participate:

When:  Thursday 5/21 at 7PM EST on the conference call line (Call will be recorded if you aren’t able to participate live).

What to Expect:  We will work through the process of identifying a limiting belief around relationships (with yourself or another) and do tapping and some other techniques to clear the belief and replace it with a more empowered one.  Mini readings will be offered for each of the participants anonymously (you will be told the number you are before the call) and an intention will be set that all messages will hold gifts for all participating.  There is a worksheet to use for the call (and you can use it again for work independently on this topic or another focus).

How to Register and Love Exchange Rate:  $30/person ($25 for Crossroads Coaching Community Members).  I have TWO spots left.  If you are interested in participating, you can learn more and sign up here:  Classes

Whether you participate in the class or not, I hope that you take a few minutes to listen closely to yourself this week.  Feel out how you respond to the idea of giving yourself the approval and love that you deserve.  As we become safe with ourselves, we are better able to be open and loving with others.  And isn’t that the goal after all?

Sending much love to all!



Baby Steps

Butterfly and FlowerDo you find yourself slipping into feelings of confusion or lack of confidence lately?  If so, you are not alone.  As we go through the process of adjusting from being quite competent (for the most part) at functioning as caterpillars, to being back at the newbie stage as recently evolved butterflies, it can feel a little disorienting.  One of my soul friends and colleagues – Ed Snyder (Salus North) – shared this quote with me from Louise Hay and I thought I’d share it with all of you…

“When a little child is learning to walk or talk, we encourage him and praise him for every tiny improvement he makes. The child beams and eagerly tries to do better. Is this the way you encourage yourself when you are learning something new? Or do you make it harder to learn because you tell yourself that you are stupid or clumsy or a ‘failure’?”

I have been repeatedly getting the intuitive message to come at life from the point of view of the enlightened child.  By seeing the world with fresh, innocent eyes that see the world as a safe and magical place, we are able to go through this new learning phase with delight instead of fear and struggle.  What we belief is what we create, which means the world then becomes safe and magical for us.  So how do we start believing this?

I asked for some guidance on the best way to navigate this experience and opened to a message from my new book, Mother Earth Musings: Nature-Inspired Guidance for Your Day Here is what was shared…

Morning Message Twenty- Six


I see a red squirrel and a groundhog in a yard.  The red squirrel is on the fence and the groundhog is digging a hole.  Each is doing their own thing with no concern for each other.


Red makes me think of the first chakra and the foundations we rest on.  Squirrels are also gatherers.  They are always setting things aside to provide for their future.  The ground-hog is creating a burrow.  This makes me think of having a safe haven or place to rest in.


Today, I will rediscover my inner home.  I will fill it with the love and the nourishment I need to have with me always.  I will rest within and be at peace.

I pray it is so and so it is…

How perfect that a message about the first chakra was offered! I do feel we are on the ground floor, building the new launching pad for our life with wings.  As we build it, this message reminds me to remember that our inner home is eternal and unchanging.  Resting in that truth allows us to be more comfortable while our foundations get put in.

Another message from the vision is to keep focused on what is in front of us to do and to not worry what others around us are choosing.   What we create for ourselves needs to be in alignment for who we are.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for the ground-hog to be burying acorns or building a nest in a tree.  This is a reminder not to worry if you seem to be doing things differently than others who share your environment.  Just keep listening to your own heart, praising yourself for each tentative step you take, and trusting that soon you will be flying!

Sending you much love!


PS.  Be sure to check out the Events page for links for upcoming events!  There are several fun things coming up in the next few weeks – Loving Relationships Class, Plant workshop at the Blessed Foundation, Girls Night Out in Tallmadge, and the Full Moon Labyrinth walk and empowerment circle at the Blessed Foundation. You can find the links here to learn more:  EVENTS 

Upcoming Events/News May 2015

I hope you are all doing well!  The energies are certainly giving us lots of opportunities to practice staying in balance and staying focused on positive thoughts.  As you will see from the card I pulled for today, staying close to the Mother Nature can really help!


Cover Mother Earth Musings 001

My new book is up on Amazon.com!  I’m super excited to have it in print – and don’t you love the tree?  It is a photo of the Angel Oak which is one of the oldest trees in the USA.  It is in South Carolina and is truly magnificent!  The book provides a collection of sixty-four daily messages with a vision, reflection, and intention to empower your day.  Just flip to a random page and see what guidance is offered for the day ahead!  10% of all profits from the book will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.  You can see sample pages (look inside feature) and order a copy here:  Mother Earth Musings

Upcoming Events

5/13 (Wed) 7 PM EST –  Fulfilling Work Intuitive Life Coaching Class – Last Day to register is Tuesday 5/12. This is on the conference call line and is recorded for those who can’t make it live.  Participation is limited to six as I do mini-readings for each person (anonymously) to help them figure out a limiting belief to clear connected to their work.  The class teaches a protocol you can use to clear limiting beliefs using concepts from Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail by Greg Kuhn and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).  Love Exchange:  $25/person for Community Members or $30/Non-Members.  I have TWO spots left.  You can learn more and sign up here:  Classes

Loving Relationships Intuitive Life Coaching Class – This class will be on THURSDAY 5/21 as I had a conflict come up for that Wednesday.

5/23 1-4 PM:  Planting the Seeds of Your Fantastic Life Workshop at the Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio – I have TWO spots left for this workshop where we will be working with plant energies to empower us! Participates will also get to take home 12 newly planted seeds for plants chosen for their specific metaphysical properties (meanings taken from Ted Andrews Nature-Speak).  The seed options you will be able to choose from are:  white sage (spirit contact), basil (protective of environment and endeavors), chamomile (renewed health and energy and a new sense of peace coming), parsley (journeys ahead, move forth), peppermint (trust in the process of life, all will be well), rosemary (powerful and positive protection), sunflower (time of happiness and healing), cornflower (clairvoyance stronger, new life, new energies), Zinnia (maintain child-like sense of humor, have courage),  and butterfly weed (metamorphosis, transformation, and creative approach).  I’ll be doing gallery style readings and we will be working with the energy centers and plant energies as part of the experience.  Katie Young will be sharing about how to encourage your new plant friends to thrive, so that you thrive too!  Love Exchange:  $55/person or $50/when you register with a friend.  Full details are here:  Plant Workshop

Message for the Day

I pulled a card for all of you from the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian. The card that fell out is EARTH.  Here is the message…

“Sink your energetic roots into the ground, and allow the planet to replenish your depleted stores.  You are being guided to take action and create your reality from the energy you are being offered.  Now is the time to undertake the tasks that you may have been putting off as too daunting or impossible.  All that you need will be given you by the bounty of the Earth element.”  

Wishing you a joyous day and much love!


When Anxiety Stops By

Gulf of Mexico and pelicanI have found that one of the biggest challenges for those who are highly sensitive is anxiety.  Last night, it stopped by for a visit (something it hasn’t done in a while) and I found myself thankful for all the many tools I’ve learned over the years.  While I was using them and waiting for the anxious feeling to pass last night, I promised myself I’d write a post with some of those tools for all of you. The energy shifting and massive transformation we are going through is fertile ground for anxiety.  I find when I don’t know what is coming or exactly where I’m going, my mind starts to feel like everything is out of control and starts freaking out!  As the mind is the place we often go when we need to fix something that is disturbing our peace, having it in a state of panic makes it tough to settle again.

Below is the routine I go through when I start to feel anxious.  It always works for me, so keep at it and keep reminding yourself that though anxious feelings can feel deadly, it is actually just the fight or flight hormones working their way through the body.  Once they clear out, you will feel better.

Step One:  Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

The Triple Warmer Meridian is the energy pathway connected to our body’s response to danger.  When you are feeling anxious, odds are your triple warmer has excess energies that can be released.  Donna Eden’s methods for calming this system are my favorite.  Here are a few links where you can watch how to do it:

Sedate Triple Warmer Points

Donna Eden Demonstrating Several Techniques

Step Two:  Strengthen the Spleen Meridian

In one of her videos, Donna Eden mentioned that she sedates the triple warmer meridian and strengthens the spleen almost everyday.  Last night, I realized I hadn’t been doing that for several weeks.  Clearly, something to get back into my routine!  She describes this meridian as our inner mother who nurtures and takes care of us.  Strengthening this meridian can help you feel relaxed and peaceful quickly.  Here is a link for a video on that: Strengthen Spleen Points

Step Three:  BodyTalk Routine

I took a class a few years ago and learned a basic routine for the BodyTalk System which involves tapping on meridian points and breathing.  While I can’t share the full routine, you can use the basic technique called Cortices which is a big part of the routine I use. It is available here:  BodyTalk

Step Four:  30 Exhales

The fight or flight hormones can be cleared through exercise or breathing.  I have noticed though that if I start focusing on breathing first, I get more anxious.  That is why I start this at Step Four after I am feeling calmer.  I also find that working with the fingers (which are points to balance your meridians all on their own) really helps along with counting my exhales (which I try to make longer than my inhale).  I start with my little finger and hold it for three – five deep breaths, then work through all my other fingers.  I have an affirmation I use for each finger that I say as I breathe.  I wrote an article on this technique here which you can view: Create Your Own Yoga Mudras

What Next

If I haven’t fallen asleep at that point or the anxiety hasn’t passed fully, then here are some additional tools to try…

Donna Eden Daily 5 Routine – I sometimes start with this one, depending on what is going on.  You can learn it here:  Daily Energy Routine

Yoga Mudras:  Flip to a yoga mudra series and do them.  This book has great routines:  Power Mudras for Women by Sabrina Mesko

Laughter:  Imagine my inner child laughing for at least 2 minutes or imagine myself laughing.  Even better is when I can actually get myself to laugh out loud.

Nature:  Go outside and sit by a tree.  If it wasn’t the middle of the night yesterday, I would have done this first.  This often instantly stops anxiety!

Exercise:  Walk or clean something that requires a lot of physical movement.  Walking daily outside is a great way to keep anxiety at bay permanently.

Bath:  Take an Epsom Salt Bath for at least 20 minutes.  Here is a great article on that: Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

What to Do Once the Anxiety Has Passed

When you are feeling calm again, it might be a good idea to explore what triggered the experience.  Were you worried about something?  For me, I’d had my health worries triggered by a couple of different experiences (only one of which actually had anything to do with my own body).  Often something bothers me, but it is only a little flutter and I tend to ignore it.  If a few more of the same type of concern comes by and I continue to ignore the feelings though, I usually end up feeling anxious and often am not sure why!  That is why going back and getting clear on what triggered the experience can really help avoid it coming back again.  I have been using the protocol I am teaching with the Intuitive Life Coaching Classes that use the quantum physics concepts and EFT combination to clear limiting beliefs.  This blog post explains the process if you would like to try it with your situation or I am happy to help you figure out what is going on with an empowerment reading too.  You can read the article here:  Ascension Symptoms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Experience


Another tool I pulled out last night was Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I read the essay I flipped to a few times and also tapped on the meridian points for each of the sentences while reading it out loud.  It really helped!

I randomly flipped to a page to include one for all of you and it opened to the same essay I worked with last night!  Here it is…

Highest Good

“The Power that created me is the same Power that I co-create with, and this Power only wants me to express and experience my highest good.  I do my best to make my real self vitally important and give it control of everything.  By doing this, I am truly loving myself.  It opens me to greater possibilities, to freedom, to joy, and unpredictably wonderful daily miracles.  My highest good includes the highest good for others, too.  This is truly a loving act.

I always work for my highest good.  Loving myself and others allows me to be all that I can be.”

Sending much love to you all!  My Spirit Guides are assuring me the energies are going to lighten up soon.  Hang in there!





Financial Abundance Intuitive Life Coaching Class – Wed 5/6

turtleI just finished  my first Spring Series of Intuitive Life Coaching Classes focusing on the Quantum Physics/EFT protocol last week.  It was so much fun!  I loved seeing what manifested for people and for myself as we worked with the process to shift limiting beliefs.  I’m really excited to share the process with a second group, as I feel the more of us who are using this process, the easier it is for us to start experiencing significant change.

 The first class of the second spring series is on Financial Abundance on Wednesday May 6th at 7PM EST.  Registration Deadline is TUESDAY May 5th. This call will be done on the conference call line and will be recorded if you aren’t able to join in live.  I have TWO spots left if you’d like to join in.  I am only having six participants because I do personalized readings for each person to help them connect with their limiting beliefs.  The sharing is done anonymously (you will be given the number of your message) and the intention is set that all the messages hold gifts for the whole group.  You are welcome to participate in one class or several.  Each class has a unique focus and each week will have a specific tool from Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail by Greg Kuhn that you can practice between classes.

Full details on the class and the link to register are on this page: Intuitive Life Coaching Classes

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here is a Grace card from Cheryl Richardson for your day today…


“The more we follow our intuition, the more we’ll find that the right doors open to assist us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.”

This is a great message for today! This week’s community message really emphasized that we are in transition and the best way to navigate it is to keep turning our hopes and dreams over to the Divine and trusting that we will be motivated when some action on our part is needed.

Sending you all much love!


Crossroads Coaching

Sanctuary at the Crossroads Holistic Network

Happy Earth Day Mini-Reading and Sea Turtle Adoption

Ocean 2015Happy Earth Day!

As those of you who have worked with me know, I love nature!  So much of my work involves being out in nature or using nature-inspired metaphors to get intuitive insight.  Below are some ways that I am celebrating the Earth (including a mini-reading for you!):

Support the Earth Monthly Donation Focus

In honor of the loggerhead sea turtle I saw at Everglades National Park this month, 10% of all profits from Empowerment Readings or Empowerment Crystal Readings purchased during the month of April will be donated to protect sea turtles through the World Wildlife Fund.  This will include any that have already occurred this month!

Here is some information about the sea turtle from the World Wildlife Fund website: 

Adopt a Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

“Having traveled the seas for over 100 million years, sea turtles have outlived almost all of the prehistoric animals with which they once shared the planet. Having survived the extinction of the dinosaurs, marine turtles still inhabit the oceans’ open waters and coastal habitats, feeding on jellyfish and other aquatic plants and animals. Critically endangered, the sea turtle is at risk from many factors, including habitat destruction, entanglement in fishing gear, hunting and egg collection, climate change and pollution.”

RiverCrossroads Community Members Reforestation Project

Just recently, I purchased a tree for all of my community members through the National Arbor Day Foundation that will be planted in our National Forests as part of their reforestation project.  I love the idea of having a Crossroads Coaching Soul Friends forest!  I am continuing this for all new members too!  Other membership benefits include:  20% off readings, first chance at event registration, a weekly recorded reading with coaching tools, and a free monthly live call.  You can learn more and sign up here if you are interested:  Membership Community

A Gift For You…

I recorded a mini-reading for Earth Day (or whatever day you come upon this!).  You can listen to it here:  Earth Day Reading 2015

Sending much love to all!


5/23 Planting the Seeds for Your Fantastic Life Workshop!

You are invited…

Planting the Seeds for Your Fantastic Life by Connecting with the Wisdom of the Plant Kingdom!

Saturday, May 23rd – 1 – 4 PM

Join Intuitive Life Coach, Nancy Nicholas, and special guest, filmmaker and permaculturist, Katie Young for a special workshop out at the beautiful Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio.  For this workshop, you will…

  • Connect with the energy and spirit of plants and trees to learn how to work with nature to create a life you love
  • Set clear intentions for what you would like to “plant” in your life
  • Receive a Gallery Style reading connecting you to the guidance and wisdom of the Nature Angels that are there to help you with your goals out on the Consciousness Vortex (a powerful energy center in Mother Earth)
  • Plant seeds of flowers and herbs for you to take home that connect to your goal and can help you grow your dreams
  • Learn how to care for your plants so they thrive and help you thrive
  • Experience a meditative labyrinth walk to envision your garden blooming!

Love Exchange:  $55/person (includes your seeds and planting supplies) or $50 when you register with a friend.

Register:  You can use the links below to sign up via PayPal (which also allows you to use a checking account or credit card).

Single Person Registration – $55

With a Friend Registration – $50/person

I hope to see you there!


New Moon in Aries “Most Potent” of the Year!

This New Moon is in the sign of Aries and as Jan Spiller (renowned author and astrologist says), “April’s New Moon is an ESPECIALLY potent New Moon because it is in the sign of Aries.  This is the most potent New Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings!” 

If you would like some intuitive input to help you make the most of this opportunity to manifest exciting new beginnings I will be doing a New Moon Empowerment Circle Recorded reading.  The last day to register is Friday 4/17.  This is a collective reading with personalized messages for each of the participants (done anonymously).  You can sign up and learn more by going to this link:  New Moon Readings

Have a beautiful day!


Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Fireside Empowerment Circle 5/2 from 6-9 PM

The beautiful Blessed Foundation reopens in May!  I’m so excited to have our Full Moon gatherings again!  I  have FOUR spots left for the first event on Saturday 5/2!  Here are the details…

Saturday May 2, 2015 – 6-9 PM:  For this event, we will kick off the opening of the Blessed Foundation with a fireside full moon empowerment circle with guided meditation and personalized readings.  Each participant will be introduced to a Spirit Guide, Angel, or Nature Spirit who comes forth to work with them for the summer season ahead and receive a personally attuned crystal to help them connect more easily with the Angel or Guide on their own.  After the empowerment circle, we will be walking the beautiful Chartres Labyrinth by moonlight!  Participation is limited to 8 people.  Pre-registration required.  Love Exchange:  $44/person

Register:  You can register via PayPal (you can use a credit card or a checking account if you don’t have a PayPal account) here:  May 2nd Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Empowerment Circle

Let me know if you have any questions!




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