Slow Down

Here’s a post from Spirit Earth from when I was in Mammoth Lakes, California.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

We have been using the Fool Oracle card deck by Sonia Choquette. One of the cards is called the “Breathless Fool” which was very fitting for me today. Sometimes, I get very revved up and start talking a mile a minute. This usually leads to me getting ungrounded and starting to worry needlessly. Thankfully, Ryan has the patience of a saint and he always manages to get me back to slowing down and looking at things more objectively. This led to the recognition that this is a common situation in our world. Usually, when things get stressful we start moving faster and the faster we move, the more stressed we get. By slowing down and being still, we allow our systems to settle so we can be more objective about what is happening. Just that can sometimes clear the problem. If there is still stressful things to deal with, by slowing down and settling the nervous system, we are better able to manage them.

Try It

Today, if you are feeling anxious or stressed, start moving very slowly or get very still. Give your full attention to the physical tasks in front of you. Put your vision as your primary focus, observing what is going on in your immediate environment. You can also start naming the things around you since usually we are stressed by something in the future, something we are thinking about or something in the past. When we breathe deeply, move slowly, the body will be convinced that the crisis is over and your system will settle.

Nature Observation

Here is a photo from a small pond at Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was very quiet and peaceful in this place. Allow yourself to soak up its stillness and come back to a place of peace.


Inspiration for Your Day (Whatever Day You Come Upon It!)

Vision:  I see a starfish in the sand. It is pushing up with all five legs and moving back towards the water, but the tide keeps receding and it grows tired. It pushes up and walks a little farther, but each time it gets drier and it is harder to move. Exhausted it gives up and watches the water disappearing. Suddenly, a seagull swoops in and grabs the starfish, flying quickly out over the sea. With one last gasp of effort, the starfish wiggles for all it is worth and drops down into the cool water of the sea.

Message:  I have been hearing about many people going through intense struggles right now. The masculine paradigm is shifting, calling us all to redefine what it means to take action in the world. This pressure makes it difficult for those who lives are built on the old way of doing things. We are moving to a time when we can choose to be finished with the hammer or nail world and move into one where love not fear dominates. To do this though, we have to not give up. Miracles can come from unknown sources and things can shift in an instant. Believe that you can reach a new world, that you can create it, and you will! The power is and has always been in our own hands. It is up to us to choose to see what that power really looks like. It isn’t about dominating others or making sure we are never the “nail” for others. It is about choosing to set intentions to create a life about love and letting that love bring to us all that we need to bring our dreams to life.

Inspirational MessageIntention:  Today, set the intention to draw to you that helping hand you need to get into a more peaceful space. Be open to letting that help come from unexpected sources, even if it at first looks like something that is worse instead of better!

Affirmation:  Life loves me and I am always supported as I move into my highest good now and always.

July New Moon Reading

The New Moon is a great time to set new intentions for the month ahead and get insights on how to make the most of the fresh start the new moon offers.  I offer a monthly New Moon recorded reading that provides a group reading as well as individual messages for all those participating. The individual messages are done anonymously to protect privacy and the intention is set that all the messages have gifts for everyone listening.

This month, I’m in Oregon along the coast so I will be bringing in the powerful Pacific Ocean energy as part of this reading.  Love Exchange:  $30/Non-Community Members; $25/Soul Friends Members.

Register by: Sunday July 3rd; Reading will be sent out on Monday July 4th

You can sign up and learn more here:  New Moon Readings 



The Spirit Earth Story

Just wanted to share with you what and who Spirit Earth is.  Be sure and check out all my posts at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

The Birth of Spirit Earth LLC

Last summer, I had a life changing experience when my son, Jacob, and his friend Ryan, joined me on a week-long spiritual retreat with Dr. Jaap Van Etten. The three of us instantly bonded and started having powerful spiritual experiences. This led to the inspiration to go into business together to create a community and offer services that brought the principles of living a spiritual life into the physical experience of living close to the earth. This lead to the start of the joyful life quest we are currently on and will be working together to grow Spirit Earth to be a place to inspire and empower you on your own quest to live your most joyful life.

The Spirit Earth Team

Nancy-Nicholas-2-WebNancy Nicholas (me:)) has always had a deep love of nature, wild places, and the mystical aspects of life. She experienced a spiritual awakening in 2000 which started her on a quest that led to the blossoming of her intuitive gifts, her Reiki training, the publications of her books, and a career as a life coach.  In 2015, her life took another turn when her son, Jacob, and his friend Ryan entered her spiritual work.  This led to the creation of Spirit Earth and their joint commitment to pushing past fear-created boundaries that inhibit the flow of love and joy in this life.  Since then, Nancy has expanded her training to include shamanic practices and is on a new quest – one to prove that by living close to the Earth, to Spirit, and in harmony with one’s true nature, a life of joy where love leads is not only possible, but inevitable.  She is currently traveling to wild places to reconnect with living simply and sustainably, writing a book about her experiences, and teaching through online classes, wilderness workshops, and private sessions.

IMG_0713Ryan O’Toole has always been passionate about nature, wildlife, and living close to the Earth.  He spent much of his childhood backpacking, camping, rock climbing and exploring the wilderness near his home in Evergreen, Colorado and areas further out, including three weeks in Costa Rica. He continued this love through participating in an Outdoor Leadership program, volunteering at Mission Wolf, attending Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School, and working at Outdoor Lab in Jefferson County where he taught geology and composting to sixth graders. In the summer of 2015, he attended a week long retreat learning about earth energy centers, dowsing, and other spiritually-oriented programs taught by Dr. Jaap Van Etten.  This led to his collaboration with Nancy and Jacob in Spirit Earth and his new path as a shamanic life coach and spiritual teacher.  Ryan is currently traveling the country with Nancy where they are working on a book about living a joyful life by living simply and sustainably, teaching online classes, wilderness workshops and offering private sessions.

IMG_0686.JPGJacob Zimmerer spent his childhood captivated by nature and connection, always focused on personal growth and understanding the world around him. In 2009, Jacob visited Colorado for the first time. This adventure marked the beginning of his spiritual quest. In 2014, after years of focused intention and regular visits, he moved to Evergreen, Colorado. Within 6 months of living in Colorado, he began working for Jefferson County Public Schools as an intern at Mt. Evans Outdoor Educational Laboratory School. Jacob spent 16 weeks working with over 1,000 6th graders from across the county. His primary focus was reconnecting these visiting students to not only nature, but also themselves. In the summer of 2015, Jacob went back to Ohio to visit his mother. He invited his friend, Ryan, to accompany him on this journey. This summer marked the beginning of Spirit Earth. The bond between Nancy and Ryan blossomed within hours, creating a triad of talented and passionate individuals. The experiences of the summer provided Jacob with the spiritual awakening that led him forward into another 16 weeks as an intern and an early graduation from high school. Upon his graduation, Jacob created Spirit Earth LLC alongside Ryan and Nancy as well as his own web consulting business.

AND YOU…Thanks for being a part of our team (if you haven’t already be sure to join us at our new organization by clicking here).  We are working to build a world centered on love not fear.  Please continue to share your experiences with us and spread the word so others can join too.

Loving and Respecting “Your Way”

Here’s a post from Spirit Earth from when I was in Arizona.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

As I have taken off on this adventure across the country, I find myself having some internal wrestling going on. Part of me has always wanted to fit in to a more “normal” way of doing things. It is the part that finds going on such an endeavor without at “plan” to be very unsettling. I’ve found though that what is working best for me is sticking to my “way.” What is that exactly? For me, it is to let my Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Spirit Guides lead the way. I have often become very frustrated with myself because I feel like I get flighty or can’t keep focused on what is going on around me. I am so much in my inner world and perceiving what is happening from that point of view that I can miss the things that are right in front of me. What this experience is teaching me is that to be in joy, I have to stop judging myself for not being as focused and embrace the fact that my way works beautifully. My conscious mind might not know exactly where I’m going or what is happening, but I always get led exactly where it is best for me to go.

Try It

Discovering your way can be an adventure in and of itself. Ryan’s way is to use his observation skills and intuitive knowing to instinctively choose. Mine is to rely on my Spiritual Support Team. Jacob uses a combination of intuition and logic. To discover your way to navigate through life’s choices, see what approach brings you the most peace. Today, try letting your “way” be the one you choose. See what the results are!

Nature Inspiration

This is a photo from Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona. Spend a moment communing with the rocks as you acknowledge the gift of you and your unique approach to life.


Theia’s in Sedona, Arizona

As I have been on my Joyful Quest Ryan (my business partner in Spirit Earth) and I have been blessed with “joyful encounters”.  One of them was Theia’s in Sedona, Arizona.

Kari Goodnough is the owner of Theia’s in Sedona, Arizona. We stumbled upon this wonderful space on a rainy Wednesday night and were delighted to find this cozy spot. There was live music (Spice Caravan) playing and many small nooks with cozy chairs to relax and listen. The energy was amazing and joyful! We enjoyed a hot cup of tea in an actual cup (a treat when you have been camping for awhile) and felt uplifted, despite the rainy day. We have since visited Theia’s many times. Theias2Kari and her staff have been wonderfully kind each time! One rainy morning they kindly gave us cups and hot water for our oatmeal packets, so we could eat out of the rain. Another night they let us enjoy a cup of tea even though they were closing. If you are ever in the Sedona area, be sure to visit Theia’s and soak up the comfy, joyful space that was a bit of home away from home for us.

And don’t forget to join me on my Joyful Quest to learn, share and grow as we reconnect to the earth, our spirits and each other. Follow us on social media and join our email list to get your free Questor’s Kit!

Love is Always the Answer


By Nancy Nicholas

Yesterday, I had one of those days where I kept getting pulled into negative thinking.  When I go there, I feel sad, worried, or exhausted and my body hurts.  Overall, not a pleasant experience.  As I wasn’t enjoying it, I spent a lot of time working with Ryan trying to discover what it was that I could do to help myself stay out of negativity and keep in a more joyful point of view.  I kept getting the message that I needed to stay connected to the magical child archetype in me. That is the part that is the wise innocent that knows this is a magical universe where anything is possible.  It is the part of me that feels the love of my Angels and knows that I am always protected, guided and cared for.  It is a great place to be and the best place if I want to stay in joy.  The trouble was I couldn’t seem to get there!

Click here to read more and find an exercise to help you move into joy.

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June New Moon Reading – Register by Friday 6/3

imageIt is hard to believe we are already heading into June!  Spring goes by so quickly.  I hope that you are planting new seeds and enjoying the return of the sun for those of you living in the colder climates.

This month’s New Moon reading will be connecting with the redwood trees and forests of Northern California where I’m currently at.  Redwoods have a powerful energy and the tree spirits are full of ancient wisdom!  The forests and rivers offer a beautiful energy to help us make the most of the new moon energies for this month.

About the New Moon Recorded Reading:  These readings offer a personalized message to help you connect with spiritual guidance for your own journey for the month ahead.  It also offers a group message, energy balancing and many of the gifts of a full length reading for a fraction of the cost.  Participants will be told which reading number they are to maintain privacy.  This is a pre-recorded reading.  You will be sent a link to listen/download it.  You can learn more and register here:

New Moon Readings

Soul Friend Community Members:  $25/person

Non-Members:  $30/person

Register by Friday June 3rd (the recording will be sent out on Saturday June 4th).

Joyful Living Depends On Joy-Filled Beliefs


By Nancy Nicholas

I read a great book by Greg Kuhn called Why Quantum Physicists Can Not Fail.  In it, he shared some basic concepts based on quantum physics.  What I got from this book was confirmation of something I have always believed in.  He shared how our belief system is effecting and creating the reality of our experiences.  With this concept in mind, I feel it is very important to be conscious of what we are choosing to believe in.  One of my core beliefs is that there is a higher power and that I am guided by spiritual beings who are teaching me how to live from love.  I call these beings my Spiritual Support Team. They are the Angels and Spirit Guides who are here to love and support me through this physical experience I’m having.  As the years have gone by, I’ve come to know them quite well and depend on them.  They have always taken care of me and I trust them completely. Life has truly been magical with them at my side!  That foundational belief is something that has charted the course of my life.

Click here to read more and learn a technique for you to start to connect with your Spiritual Support Team.

Thank You Jeff!


I wanted to share about a joyful encounter from my world back in Ohio. I recently went through a divorce from a man I was privileged to spend the last twelve years with. He was and is a soul friend who helped me grow and learn to love myself, through our years together. Though our life paths took turns in different directions, I am grateful for the time we had together and our friendship now. Jeff has a gift for finding laughter and love in the darkest places. He made one of life’s most difficult challenges tolerable through his kindness. As a result, we were able to stay in a state of unconditional love and respect for each other through the end of our marriage. Even though this experience has tossed us both out of the nest, perhaps before we were sure of our wings, he has continued to look for ways to support and love the people around him, including me. He spreads joy through his stories and art, through his sense of humor when looking at the ironies of life, and through his deep kindness. Thank you Jeff for showing me and others how to let love lead! Check out his website too where you will find information about his educational art programs. They offer a great way to find joy in the little things in life! His website is:


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