Soul Journey with Intuitive Astrologer Emma Stow – 9/6

I am privileged to invite you to a very special event being held on 9/6/2014 at the Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio.  I am so impressed with Emma and the beautiful gifts she has to share and am grateful she has decided to connect with me and the work at the Blessed Foundation!  See below for details on this event… 

Soul Journey with Intuitive Astrologer Emma Stow

Listen to the messages of your soul in the beautiful grounds of the Blessed Foundation.

This Soul Journey is a healing and empowering experience, a chance to ‘check in’ with your soul to connect you to your highest wisdom and guidance and to enjoy a clear reflection of your life.

This event will consist of:

  • a talk about the energetic shifts and astrological alignments of the fall of 2014
  • a guided meditation to experience directly your relationship to the Earth and the Sun
  • a guided soul journey –listening to the messages of your soul
  • a closing circle with an opportunity to share your experiences and ask questions

What this event offers:

- Connect deeply to the ever-present forces of love and support in your life.

- Experience the truly joyful and sacred nature of your relationship to the Sun and the Earth and to your own soul in a safe and sacred space.

- Experience for your self why this time is such a turning point and gain clarity about the next steps in your daily life.

- Relax in the beautiful grounds of the Blessed Foundation

Emma StowEmma Stow is the author of the book Revolution of Being. An intuitive astrologer, energy healer and speaker, she is featured regularly on the radio and at events in the UK and abroad. Emma spent many years researching sacred land in the UK. She has run walks and retreats since 2009 and is known for her heart-centered approach to astrology and applied spirituality.


Love Exchange for this event:  $44

Pre-registration is required as space is limited.  Use the PayPal link below to reserve your spot.  Registration ends 9/3/2014 (unless the event fills before then).  

Register for 9/6 Soul Journey Event at the Blessed Foundation

Questions?  Email Nancy Nicholas –

To learn more about the Blessed Foundation…

Blessed Foundation Website

I hope to connect with you all then!




August News and a Gift!

A photo Jacob sent from a fishing spot in Colorado.  I miss him, but I get why he wanted to be out there!

A photo Jacob sent from a fishing spot in Colorado.  I miss him terribly, but I’m starting to get why he’s wanted to move out there for the last four years. 

I apologize for my lack of communication on here lately!  I’ve been in the middle of redoing my house – painting, purging closets, and moving furniture.  With my son’s move to Colorado in July, I’ve been emotionally working through this transition too and sometimes that makes it tough for me to “put myself out there” on this more public format.  I have been sending lots of love to you all in Spirit though!

A Gift For You:  Speaking of putting myself out there…I started creating You Tube videos for the weekly empowerment reading for those in my membership community.  Several have been out on the earth vortex spots at the Blessed Foundation which have been really fun! This week, I did one from the room I’ve just finished in our home. I am going to start doing some in person Reiki/Energy Coaching sessions in September, so since it was raining, I thought it was a good time to test out the space.    The video is 14 minutes long and features two oracle card messages, an energy medicine kit card, a yoga mudra, and a settling technique I learned recently.  I thought I’d share it with those of you who aren’t in my membership community, as a gift (apology) for my lack of writing on my blog this summer.  You can view it here:  Crossroads Coaching Community Empowerment Reading (Week of 8/14/2014)

Upcoming Events

Consciousness Vortex and labyrinthSunday 9/7-  for a FULL MOON Earth Wisdom Labyrinth Walk!  (6:30-8:30 PM at the Blessed Foundation – $22):  This is the last day the retreat house is open for the season and the last of the three super moons!  We’ll connect with the vortex energies, get intuitive guidance and set intentions first and then follow with a moonlight Labyrinth walk of the Chartres Labyrinth.  Last time we did this it was amazing!  If you’d like to register, you can sign up here:  Earth Wisdom Circle – 9/7 

*The 8/14 Earth Wisdom Circle has been moved to this September 7th date so we can take advantage of the full moon energy.  

Kathleen CalbyMother Earth Empowerment Retreat (Sunday 8/24 from 5-9 PM – $44 or $35 with a friend):  I am really excited for you all to meet Katie Young, watch her awesome environmental documentary about her trip to New Zealand – The Graceful Descent – (you’ll be surprised at all the humor in it!) and for the crystal/metal bowl experience with Kathleen Calby!  Kathleen and I went out to the Blessed Foundation so she could see the space.  The main concert will be held upstairs at the Kairos Retreat Center.   Along with the concert in the retreat house, she’s also going to bring one of the bigger bowls out to play as we walk the Chartres labyrinth.  Also, even if you can’t make the main event, you can sign up for a private singing bowls session with her during the day.  She intuitively picks out the best bowls to connect you with.  It is deeply restorative and relaxing.  Details and the link to register:  Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat .  Last day to register is Wednesday 8/20.  All profits are being donated to support the amazing caretaking of this beautiful land by the Blessed Foundation!  Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Hope to connect with you soon!



Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – 8/24

Join me as we come together to raise our vibration and empower Mother Earth!

Consciousness Vortex and labyrinth

We have all heard about the environmental crises occurring in our world.  We know about global warming, pesticides, the rain forests disappearing and the polluted oceans.  And these are just a few of the issues facing our planet. None of us wants to see our natural resources plundered or our home destroyed, but often we feel powerless to do anything to stop it.  At this event, we are taking back our power by shifting from focusing on what scares us to what we love!  Together we will be connecting to our deep love for Mother Earth and pouring this love into the Earth energy vortex centers found at the Blessed Foundation, impacting the collective unconscious through the energy grids of the planet.    I will be joined by two very talented guests – Katie Young (writer/director of The Graceful Descent) and Kathleen Calby (vibrational healing with crystal and metal singing bowls) who will be sharing their unique gifts to help us heal ourselves and the earth.

Event Details

When:  Sunday, August 24th from 5 – 9:00 PM; Optional private sessions will be during the afternoon before the retreat.

Where: The Blessed Foundation, Medina, OH

At this event you will…

  • Katie YoungBe inspired and entertained (Katie has a great sense of humor!) through the viewing of the documentary The Graceful Descent with creator, Katie Young who will be available to answer questions and provide simple steps you can take to start living more in tune with the Earth.  To learn more about Katie and this remarkable film visit:  The Graceful Descent


  • Connect with the energy centers found at the Blessed Foundation to empower our intentions and healing through a guided labyrinth walk and  meditation at the consciousness vortex with Nancy Nicholas.
    Waterfall Nancy Nicholas Ireland

    Intuitive Life Coach, Nancy Nicholas

    To learn more about intuitive life coaching and Nancy Nicholas:  Crossroads Coaching


  • Kathleen Calby

    Kathleen Calby

    Experience vibrational healing and empowerment while listening to a singing bowls concert played by Kathleen Calby.  To learn more about singing bowls and Kathleen Calby visit:  Re-Sounding Joy



  • Support the Blessed Foundation, a public charity, which protects and shares this very sacred ground which features eleven naturally occurring energy vortex centers and three labyrinths.  To learn more about John and Dee Curci and the Blessed Foundation visit:  The Blessed Foundation
    first chakra blessed Foundation

    Grounds of the Blessed Foundation, Medina, Ohio

Love Exchange for the Retreat:  $44/person or $35/person when you register with a friend; Profits from this event will be donated to the Blessed Foundation to support the caretaking of this sacred natural space. 

Registration:  UPDATE:  This event is close to being full, so please email Nancy first before purchasing your spot.  Thank you!  Private sessions still have availability and can be purchased below.   Last day to sign up is Wednesday 8/20/2014.  Use the link below to register.  Email Nancy Nicholas ( for questions.

Individual:  Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – $44

With a Friend:  Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – $35

Come Early and experience the deeply relaxing and healing vibration of the singing bowls through a personal session!

Kathleen did a private session for me and it was amazing!  I can only imagine that experiencing it on the grounds of the Blessed  Foundation will make it even more healing.  She has agreed to do a limited number of private 30 minute sessions prior to the retreat in the afternoon (and one is already gone because I’m having one!).   I am so excited to share this experience with all of you and have a whole day dedicated to raising the vibration of Mother Earth through the power of sound!  Sessions will be conducted at the Kairos retreat house between 12 and 5 PM) which is centered on two powerful earth energy vortex spots (seventh chakra and a consciousness vortex).   The grounds feature two additional labyrinths and 22 acres of trails which you can enjoy prior to the retreat.  You are also welcome to bring a dinner picnic to enjoy on the grounds between your session and the main event.  Love Exchange:  $44/30 minute session.  Use the PayPal link below to purchase your session.

Purchase Private Singing Bowls Session

Questions about the retreat?  Email me!

Love to all!





Events this week 7/21-7/27

Good Morning!

My husband and I are in the middle of a complete overhaul of our home.  Both our boys are now living on different sides of the country, so we decided to clear the unneeded and unwanted out of our home, paint and bring in some new things we love.  Plus, we are both following the very sage advice of Josey Wales in the book, The Education of Little Tree (Forrest Carter), “It’s better to wear yourself out when ye’ve lost something.”  I found this book again in the process of clearing out and how perfect it is for this time of change in my life!  A great book if you are looking for something to read.

Isn’t it interesting how physical life can be such a lovely metaphor for what is going on inside of us?  Cleaning out the old brings up emotions to be processed, highlights the struggles of letting go what is over, and the excitement of looking forward to the new being created.  From an energetic point of view, painting (or washing the walls) is a great way to clear old energy too!

If you have some of this going on in your own life, there are two opportunities this week to connect with healing tools and spiritual insight to support you.  Full details are at  the links below.  I hope to connect with you then!

7/24/2014 (5:45 PM – 7:15 PM):  Earth Wisdom Circle at the Blessed Foundation (Medina, Ohio) – Connecting with the Heart Chakra Vortex! – I’ve been working with some new concepts on how to understand the message of our emotions by shifting them to their highest vibration. We will work with the heart chakra earth vortex as part of this process and also walk the heart labyrinth.  Love exchange – $22.   REGISTER BY WEDNESDAY 7/23

7/27/2014 (7-8:30 PM):  Ireland Empowerment Call (Conference Call Line) – I’ll be sharing what I learned from my rite of passage trip to Ireland and we will connect to the energetic power centers there.  I’ll also be doing mini-oracle card readings for anyone who signs up (even if you can’t join the call live).  The recording will be sent to you after the call.  Love exchange is $22.  Email me to sign up (

Email Communications:  Speaking of emailing me…I always reply to emails (as long as they aren’t spam) so if you aren’t getting a response, please call me (330) 416-6184.  I’ve been hearing that some of my replies aren’t making it through cyberspace.

Community Members – I’m off to do this week’s video reading, so it will be to you soon! 

Have a beautiful day!


Ireland Empowerment Call – 7/27 7PM EST

Giants CausewayHi Everyone!

I’ve had a lot of people wanting to connect about my experience in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I’ve decided to do a call and share what I learned and also help you to connect with some of the powerful energy centers I experienced there.  Details are below!


7/27/2014 (Sunday):  7-8:30 PM EST Ireland Empowerment Call

As the summer solstice arrived, we embarked on a rite of passage, beginning the transformation from living from our Earth Star self into a more integrated Divine consciousness.  For me, this transformation began with a physical journey that led me across the ocean to Ireland and then into Northern Ireland.  For this 90 minute call, I will share with you my insights and the new techniques I learned through this experience, as well as guide you to connect with several energy power centers I encountered on my trip.   These energies are available to us as we continue our evolution into living from Divine consciousness. I will also share what techniques I used to have a peaceful, comfortable experience through situations that often derail someone who is highly sensitive.   For the last half hour, we will use the oracle cards to do mini-readings for those joining me live with the intention of receiving guidance on where we go from here.  The call will be on the conference call line and will be recorded and the link shared after for those unable to be on the call live.  The love exchange for the event is $22.   You can sign up below:

Ireland Empowerment Call 

New Grange

Have a beautiful day!

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Tranquility with the Irish Sea

I relax into a sea of tranquility.  All is well in my world.

I relax into a sea of tranquility. All is well in my world.

I just got back from a two-week trip to Northern Ireland with my family. My parents took the whole clan to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (congrats Mom and Dad!). This was the view from the place we stayed on the Irish Sea in Carnlough. Ireland was very lovely, but this was one of my favorite spots because it was so peaceful. You can use the guidance below to connect to its energy through meditation. 

How to Work with the Image to Support the Process
• Take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly three times. Let your exhale be longer than your inhale.

• Open your eyes and focus on the image. Ask your Spiritual Support Team to help you come into harmonic resonance with the image and to receive the amount of energy from the essence of the place for your highest and best good.

• Use your imagination to put yourself in the photo. Use all your senses to interact with what is shown. What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch as you connect?

• Ask for Divine guidance on how you can incorporate the gifts from this essence into your own life and situation. Allow yourself to feel the love and support flowing to you and through you from the Earth and the Divine.

• Repeat the affirmation (see caption) as you breathe in and out slowly.

• Be open to any additional thoughts, sounds, smells, or images that come to you as you are working with the photo. Consider these as messages to support you on your path. Ask what these impressions mean to you. What do they make you think or feel?

• Continue to recall the image throughout the day when you wish to bring in the energy it provides.

• Express your gratitude for the gifts given to you through the experience.

Love to all!


July Events

Chartres Labyrinth - Blessed FoundationSummer Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circles:  I am LOVING the Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circles at the Blessed Foundation!  The power of these groups is just amazing!  Together, we are helping to empower each other and raise the vibration of our collective experience.


There are two opportunities to participate in July.  See below for details!

What to Expect:  For Summer 2014, we will be taking the empowerment circles out to Mother Earth!  Each month, we will meet out at the beautiful Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio for an in-person gathering. During this experience, you will be invited to connect with the Earth energies (we will be sitting in a circle on one chakra vortex or meridian vortex for each meeting) to restore balance to your system and experience intuitive insights and guidance.  As we connect with Mother Earth with love, we will be raising our vibration and lifting the vibration of the planet!  Different tools and techniques as well as intuitive guidance will be shared as part of the experience.  If the weather is inclement, we will move inside to the retreat house and connect to the Earth energies from there.  Circles are typically 90 minutes long. Love Exchange:  $22.

Upcoming Circles

July 12th (Arrive by 7:45 PM) Full Moon Empowerment Circle and Moonlight Labyrinth Walk at the Blessed Foundation (Saturday 7/12 from 7:45-9:30 PM):  Join me for a powerful experience where we will raise our vibration and feed joy and love into Mother Earth!  We will work with the Consciousness vortex and Seventh Chakra Vortex for this experience. We will end with a moonlight labyrinth walk of the Chartres Labyrinth.  My last Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle was on the full moon and it was such an amazing experience that I wanted to continue connecting at this powerful time!

July 24th (5:45 PM- 7:15 PM) Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle:  For the July 24th Earth Wisdom Circle we will be connecting with the Heart Chakra Vortex to deepen our connection to love and compassion for ourselves and others.    The focus will be to empower you to transform sadness into joy!  We will conclude our session with a meditative walk at the heart labyrinth.

Pre-registration is required for both events.  Visit this link to register: Empowerment Circles

Please indicate which date you are registering for in the comment section.  Thank you!

Have a great week!


Transforming Fear


I saw a whole nest of snakes this spring. Snakes are a symbol of deep transformation, so call in some snake medicine to help you shed the old and step into the new!

I know many of you are going through major life transitions right now (me too!), and while we all get that these changes are ultimately for our good, the process can be challenging while you are in it!  Below is a technique I used after my good friend suggested I actually physically write down what I was afraid of.  It actually really did help me connect with my emotions (instead of repressing them) and change my focus to what I would rather experience going forward.  Below are the directions in case you’d like to try it too!

Technique for Transforming Fear

1.  Make a list of everything you are feeling afraid of right now.  Do this with paper and pencil rather than a computer if you can and use a fresh sheet of paper.  Be sure to really dig deep on this.  I find I don’t want to write any “I am” statements with fear coming after, so I just started my list with “Things I’m worried about…” and then started each sentence with “that.”

2.  As emotions come up, take a few moments to sit with your feelings. Cry, yell, or do whatever is needed so the feelings are completely heard. Be kind to yourself.  Fear is no fun!  I find holding my hands on my forehead is also helpful (Donna Eden – Triple Warmer technique), as this will keep blood coming to the frontal lobe of the brain and help ease the fear energy.

3.  When your list is complete, select the first item on the list.  What would a positive affirmation be for this worry?  Focus on what you would love to see happen, and on a new sheet of paper, write the positive affirmation. Remember these can be specific or broad affirmations.  Just be sure that when you read it, you feel good! Continue this process for the rest of the items on your list.

4.  Take the paper with the original list of fears and find some matches. If you can do this outside, that would be great!  Take a few minutes to connect with the Earth and say a little prayer.  Safely burn the list and as you do repeat, “Thank you Angels for transforming my fears into love!”  

5. Type up your list of positive affirmations and print it out.  Read it every morning (or more often if you need to) to keep your focus on what you want to create.   Be sure to ask yourself after each affirmation, how does this statement make me feel?  If you aren’t feeling anything, then you need to find a different affirmation. Find one that brings you relief and opens your heart.

Need help with the affirmations?  I’m a huge fan of Louise Hay and also Florence Scovel Shinn.

Below are a few of the positive affirmations that I came up with (many are adapted from Florence Scovel Shinn).  Feel free to use them or adapt them to fit your circumstances!

Nancy’s Affirmations

“The Divine plan for my life now comes to pass and I love every part of it!”

“My emotions are my friends!”

“My loved ones are Divinely guided in all they think, say and do and they are always protected by Angels.”

“I deserve only love, joy and abundance and I graciously allow myself to receive it!”

“The Light of Christ streams through every cell in my body and I give thanks for my radiant health and the radiant health of those I love.” 

“I am grounded and peaceful, trusting that all change is good change, and my future is one of joy!”

And if all else fails, ask yourself…

“What would Donna Eden do?”

She’s my happiness guru and just thinking of her changes my energy in the right direction!  You can find lots of Energy Medicine tips and enjoy Donna’s joyous energy on You Tube.  Using Energy Medicine is a great way to start shifting from fear to love.  Here is a link to “Heaven Rushing In” with Donna in Chicago:  Heaven Rushing In

Sending lots of love to all!


June Newsletter 2014

 Newsletter Banner

June 2014

I hope you are enjoying the lovely spring weather!  It is amazing how Ohio can go from cold and gloomy to vibrantly green and colorful.  Truly Ohio is magical this time of year!  Just a heads up…I will be on vacation from June 22nd through July 9th, so this month’s special offer is good through June 21st instead of the end of the month.   Read on for upcoming events and inspiration for June!

Events This Month

Summer Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circles at the Blessed Foundation (Medina, Ohio):  Dates:  6/12, 7/24, 8/14 from 6- 7PM (arrival at 5:45 PM so we can start on time):  We had a great time at the first Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle in May!  For the June Circle we will be on the seventh chakra vortex to deepen our connection with our Spiritual Support Team and hear guidance for the month.  Sign up for the 6/12 Earth Wisdom Circle by WEDNESDAY, 6/11/2014.

Description for the Earth Wisdom Circles:  For Summer 2014, we will be taking the empowerment circles out to Mother Earth!  Each month, we will meet out at the beautiful Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio for an in-person gathering. During this experience, you will be invited to connect with the Earth energies (we will be sitting in a circle on one chakra vortex or meridian vortex for each meeting) to restore balance to your system and experience intuitive insights and guidance.  As we connect with Mother Earth with love, we will be raising our vibration and lifting the vibration of the planet!  Different tools and techniques as well as intuitive guidance will be shared as part of the experience.  If the weather is inclement, we will move inside to the retreat house and connect to the Earth energies from there.  Cost is $15.    Pre-registration is required.  Visit this link to register:  Empowerment Circles

6/8/2014:  June Empowerment Call – Feed Your Inner Fire, 7-8 PM EST:  We have planted seeds for what we wish to manifest this year and now we are ready to start feeding the fire of our intentions!  For this call, we will connect with our Angels and Spirit Guides on how to connect with and ignite our excitement and enthusiasm for that which is coming to life for us.  After the guided meditation for the first half of the call, I’ll be doing mini-oracle card readings for volunteers who are on the call live.  You’ll also have a chance to share about your experience through the guided meditation.  The call will be recorded.  Cost:  $15; community members are free.  To register for the call visit:  Empowerment Calls

Featured Spiritual Tools

Crystal Ally Cards

The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian provide guidance using crystal energies to empower.  I’ll be using this book this month for the special Pyramid Crystal Ally readings to help give you deeper insight into a concern you are facing.  See below for this month’s special offers.

Wisdom of Avalon Cards

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

 Here are the cards that fell out for this month:

The Serpent (Knowledge/Healing):  “Card Meaning: The Serpent’s message is one of healing and of gaining knowledge.  Whatever situation you’re in right now is meant for this purpose.  The serpent also reminds you that knowledge is important.  Perhaps it’s time for you to read a book or take  class in order to gain more understanding of your inquiry, or you may need to ask questions of others who “know” and can help you.  Ask the Serpent and you will be guided to the right answer easily and effortlessly.  The Serpent heralds success if you follow his signal.  The Serpent also lets you know that you may be suffering because there are aspects of yourself that are wounded and still need tending.  Now is the time for this.  Perhaps you need to rest, meditate, and allow the knowledge to come to consciousness. Or maybe you just need to sleep more.  Another aspect of Serpent energy is that each time you experience a healing or learn new things, you may need to shed your skin and adopt a new one.  But don’t worry – the Serpent says that it’s a necessary and beautiful thing.” 

The Stag (Pride/Leadership): “When the Stag appears on your path, he tells you to take pride in all that you do.  Be the leader and hold your head high, and others will follow by your example.  Ask yourself these questions:  “Am I following my highest path?”  “Am I acting in integrity and doing the best I can?”  or “Am I held back by the kind of pride that cuts me off from life through arrogance, or in reverse, low self-esteem?”  The Stag asks you to be a leader, be proactive (with the highest intentions), and to always ask, “What is the highest good for all?”  Arrogance and its reverse are both places of alienation and ways to avoid responsibility and accountability.  The Stag leads you out of both difficult places into the kind of pride that reminds you that you’re always in service to the God/Goddess in every step you take.  You may already be there, in which case, you should be proud and happy.  Look how far you’ve come!  Rejoice, for the Stag always leads you to a higher place with a sure and steady footing.”  

Work with Nancy

New Client Special – $25/25 Minutes or $55/60 Minutes

Community Member Special Offer – $10 off a 60 minute Crystal Ally Card Pyramid Empowerment Reading:  For this reading, we will use the Pyramid Spread shared in the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian.  This spread offers a deeper look at an issue you are facing.  We will use the crystal ally cards to get the overview and then I’ll share intuitive insights and suggestions for working with the messages to empower you.  Regular rate: $75; Community members through 6/21 – $65

Creating Community

Free Ways to Keep Connected

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Join my membership community for ongoing empowerment:  I created my membership community to provide a comfortable and affordable way to offer ongoing support for my coaching clients (who I call my “soul friends” – see my book Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit: A Step – by- Step Handbook for Surviving and Thriving through Tough Life Changes).  Membership is $5/month and this month’s membership special offer is $10 off a 30 minute emotion code empowerment reading.  Membership provides the following benefits:

February community graphic 2014

If you are a current or former client you are invited to become a member.  Current member referrals are also welcome to join.  You can sign up here:  Membership

Have a wonderful month!


Morning Musing – Guidance For Your Day (Whatever Day You Come Upon This!)

RiverThe Vision

I am sitting on the bank of a river.  I watch at my feet as a snake slides through the sun-kissed water.  My eyes are drawn to the sky where I see a hawk flying overhead.  I become the hawk and see the river far below.  Its shape is like the snake, curving gently as it winds through the valley below.  At its mouth, the snake’s jaw seems to open wide, pouring the water into the vastness of the ocean beyond.


Snakes have been a long time phobia for me and I’ve spent the last fourteen years letting go of this fear.  They have come forward in my life every time there is a need for rebirth and often drastic change.  Though the change it brings is often challenging, ultimately, it has been a change for the better.  As I feel this image, I feel the need to be like the hawk and to see from a vaster viewpoint.  The symbol of ocean for me is connected with God-consciousness – the Divine collection of all the drops of water or souls who come together in this infinite space.  The snake is pouring out all of those journeying into the vastness of the great “I AM.”  We are moving out of our limited consciousness and into a more expanded way of being.  snake


When I see the snake swimming by my foot, I feel a wave of fear.  What if it bites me or what if I had been walking and hadn’t seen it there?  When I am the hawk, I feel no fear about the course the snake follows.  I can see how it is moving in the direction it needs to go.  As with the real snake, the only danger of experiencing pain with the snake would be if I intentionally stepped into its path. All of this speaks to me of letting go of the need to control the changes going on in my life. Like the river, the direction and path are already created.  My role is to simply follow where the water leads.  So for today, I will stop trying to predict where things are going or to force things to happen.  For today, I will act only when I feel called to act and spend the rest of the time enjoying the cool breeze, the warm sun, and the gently flowing water moving through the lush green world around me.

Ocean Longboat KeyI pray it is so, and so it is….

Love and blessings to all!



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